Springs Bluff at Keith Springs Mountain
Tennessee Scenic Mountain Property for Sale
Cardon Smith, (423) 779-4857;   email:  cardon@fbright.com.  

Own a piece of middle Tennessee!


A few years ago, four of my friends and I set out to buy Tennessee property.  We all dabble in real estate: however, two of the group, Ron and Cardon, are professional developers.  Our criterion was simple:  The land had to be the very best investment opportunity we could find. We are all outdoorsmen, so we focused on country living with views, wildlife, and rural freedoms.

After looking at dozens of properties, we finally found a huge tract on Keith Springs Mountain outside of Winchester, TN in Franklin County.  Part of the property is a beautiful brow line, running for over a mile and backed by rolling hills.
Well, when dealing with country land, one must often take the less desirable with the good and we could see that a percentage of the overall property was not as desirable as the piece we carved out with imaginary boundaries.

Cardon, who found the land and has a knack for such things, suggested that he would offer to buy only the piece that we wanted.  Young Cardon is given to boldness (you may call it something else starting with a B) so we agreed to the plan or more like, "Have at it!"  They accepted the offer.

We spent a bit more money per acre and commenced to have lots surveyed so that each parcel had plenty of bluff, acreage and road frontages.  We spent a lot more money on improvements having the land cleaned up from past logging.  Now, several lots have what looks like rolling prairie with trees interspersed, wild flowers, and grass that waves in the cool breeze - no doubt the result of the 1750 foot elevation.

The partners and some of our families camp up there at all times of the year.  Exploring the base of the bluff back under the caves we found an old still, I suppose not uncommon for these parts.  The name "Keith Springs" comes from the abundance of, you guessed it, springs!  We have several on the property that gurgle cool water all year long.  I suppose that water must have resulted in some fine whiskey, as can be expected, with the Jack Daniels Distillery just down the road a piece.

Sitting up on the bluff at night, looking over the mountains and valleys, one comes to realize something is missing.  Lights!  I could not see a single light as far as you could see.  We think we can see the faint glow of Huntsville in Alabama 45 miles to the south but we are not sure.  One of Tennessee's state naturalists told us that we are contiguous to the largest expanse of uninterrupted land in the State.

We are just a few miles from the Circle E Guest Ranch, one of the South's most highly regarded riding stables.  There is nothing but forest between them and us making the area perfect for the equestrian enthusiast. 

But, as luck would have it, the recession took hold and we have not done a good job advertising this gem of a property.  Thankfully we are all distracted by our full time jobs!

So the partners want to sell, no we want to keep it, no we want to sell!!  Yes, we would all like to keep it, but we are for the most part, younger and too busy to enjoy it.  We are selling at an incredibly reduced price and will consider owner financing.

This is the perfect place for a primary or secondary home or cabin.  Each lot has plenty of room for horses and the topography makes it easy.  If you don't have horses, enjoy the deer, some of which look just as big.  Winchester, Franklin County's seat is just down the mountain and has all of the modern conveniences without the big city crowds.

We think when the word gets out, the remaining 7 parcels will sell soon so contact us with any questions or to arrange for a tour.  On behalf of Cardon, Chris, Ron, John and myself, we thank you and hope you will take a look and buy some land from us.



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